“Shah Mat” The King is dead. Emerald Chess Board

The king is dead. The history of chess goes back almost 1500 years. Starting in India and soon spread to Persia. As nations fought and conquered each other they spread destruction, death, and a love of chess.

The early pieces evolved from elephants to horses. The firzan (adviser) became the queen and the chariot became the castle. The two pieces that passed unchanged were the foot soldiers and the king. Some positions in war and peace remained unchanged. Around 600 the name became Chatrang and the Persian influence evolve Shah (king) Mat (finished) the king is dead. Checkmate.

Every estate sale, moving sale, downsizing sale has many treasures looking for new homes. It is so interesting to see the collection of chess games we have sold for our clients through out the years. This featured set now available as we prepare for the next Domani Moving Sale. It is very elegant with a light ethereal feeling. The mixture of wire and glass gives the game a feel of elegance. We look forward to finding a new home for this lovely set.

Dining Kittinger Style

Quality is paramount. The Kittinger Furniture Company was established in 1866 and from the beginning this company focused on making beautiful hand crafted furniture. All great companies have growing pains and how they navigate through the changing tastes of the marketplace says a lot about the company. The Kittinger Furniture company was sold in 1966. From the beginning The Kittinger Furniture Company has set an unparalleled standard among manufacturers of fine furniture. The Kittinger Family sold the company to General Interiors Inc.

​Although the company changed hands many times over the years until being delivered into the hands of the current owners. One thing remained consistent. Quality.

According to the website, “In 1996, Ray (a Master Cabinetmaker at Kittinger) and Karen Bialkowski purchased the Kittinger Furniture Company and all of its intellectual property. They quickly re-established the company and settled in a new factory in North Buffalo. Many of the original craftsman returned to work for the re-opened company.”

Domani Estate Sales and Management company has been contracted to sell a beautiful English Renaissance Antique Dining Set for a family that will be moving and will not be able to take this beautiful piece with them. The Table and 8 chairs are available for immediate delivery. The original price paid for this set was well over the asking price. We can work with you on delivery and we welcome your inquiries.