Easy for us to make suggestions and recommendations. We were not there when you rocked your twins to sleep in that oak rocking chair. We did not stop at your shop to get our tires changed or the car tuned, where we would have witnessed that shiny red Snap-On cabinet spilling all over your shop floor with your tools. We did not play our collection of Jazz CD’s on that Bose CD player or leave our books on the library stairs you imported from England. None of your treasures have emotional connections to our past or to the fine souls that will purchase them at our Estate Sales. Because we were not there, does not mean we can’t relate or that we don’t care. We do care. And it is our mission to try to place your treasures in the hands of those that will continue to treasure them and to those that will make their memories with your treasures and with their loved ones. We are only the bridge that can help you let go with ease because you know we will do our best to find a good home for the possessions that were there for you as you made your many memorable moments with your family and friends.

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