Inflation state of mind or mind your estate?

Estate Sales help you to fight inflation by cutting through the high cost of overpriced, hard to find, shipping bottlenecked inventory.

Estate Sales offer you the opportunity to purchase quality, cash and carry treasures that are pre-assembled and pre-loved.

If you buy local, you save on fuel, you keep currency local, you help the environment and you can brighten up your home. A new piece of artwork, a bright brass lamp, a port hole clock or a delightful demitasse set adds to your home’s ambience. Purchasing pre-owned is purchasing a treasure with history. The owner might have traveled to Italy and fell in love with the style, the workmanship, the unique grain of the olive wood and had a cabinet custom built and shipped home. For years the family might have gather together and this piece bore witness to all the festivities. The marble top held many a glass of wine and plates of cheese. How fortunate are we to be able to offer our shoppers special items that have a lot of life left and a lot of history to make in the new home.

Architectural Salvage, Two Views. How to Save our Environment.

Two properties will be demolished. Your opportunity to take home a historic piece of waterfront cottages and give this treasure a new home. Grab a hammer, chisel and remove wonderful old world doors. Make a coffee table, or take off the side of the shed and make a sauna for a warm escape.. There are beams waiting to be rescued and antique light fixtures to be rewired and brought up to code. Everything must go and you won’t be worried about scratching the floor. Need windows, we got plenty. Need a new door? Old door? Hardware? You will have plenty to choose from. Having trouble ordering a new dish washer, washer machine, dryer, stove? You have two homes to shop. Don’t worry about scratching the floor. All you leave will be left to dispose. The more you shop the less will land in waste. Besides you will have an opportunity to enjoy two priceless views that will leave you breathless.

Moving? Downsizing?

The stress caused by change can be managed. As with anything in life, the easiest path forward is usually found when you start breaking down the tasks that you need to complete into the smallest pieces, identifying who you can reach out to for help with the process and then delegating the tasks to people who are experienced and professional.

Define what you want to do and when you want to do it, which enables the professionals to do their job and help you complete your move with the least amount of stress.

When obstacles begin to emerge you want your team to work with you to remove the hinderances without bringing the forward progress to a screeching halt. Communication and coordination are key components, the importance of both cannot be underestimated.

Where do you begin? How do you find the team that best meets your objectives, the team that fits with your style, that can work with you in a comfortable and seamless way? In the beginning you might reach out to someone who has contracted with a local company and ask for a referral. Or you may search the social media pages for referrals, or do a google search. Whatever method you use to find your team , remember that moving is more of an art than it is a science. Identify your priorities by clearly communicating your timeline and what is most important to you. Lean on your team and utilize their expertise and experience to help your process be seamless and stress free.

Work around. The ripple in the pond. Splash Sale!

We have an ongoing moving sale. The contents inside this beautiful colonial house is filled with three plus floors of furniture, collectables, audio components, home office furniture, top of the line pool table, Wedgwood, Lenox, Waterford, runners, Sphynx Weavers rug, Bombay Company pedestal end table, area rugs and so much more.

To make our lives a little more exciting we have to keep updating the website Domani.Estate Upcoming Estate Sales with pictures of the inventory that gets added and removing the inventory that is sold.

The ripple in the pond.

Houses are opening up for the season on the shore and people need to furnish their summer homes and rentals. All the furniture stores are closed. Unless you want to shop on-line. Graduates are finishing their thesis at home and the home office/work space needs to be outfitted. A lot of parents are working from home, desks, chairs, office lamps are in high demand. Entertainment is also a must have in this time of self- isolation. Gloves, masks, six feet a must. Let the good health and healing thoughts ripple us through to the other side.

Music, Meals and Memories

Businesses are closed. Supermarket personnel are on the front lines. Our hospitals are near capacity. Those that sew are making masks. Children are being home schooled or zoom schooled. Most of us are home wondering when is the best time to shop for groceries. It feels like the rug lying beneath our lives has been pulled out from under us, rolled up and put away. Our world will be redefined when we emerge from this war against an invisible enemy that is taking lives, devastating our economy and truly dividing us in ways we could not have imagined and yet bringing us together in ways we have only read about from the bygone WWII era.

What will our lives look like when we reemerge and find a vaccine for this nasty hijacking RNA molecule? Many families have rediscovered the joys of dining together. Will the dining room table regain a place in our homes or will we jump back to eating on the run? Will families that have rediscovered the joy of doing 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles go back to finding value in having a game table setup with puzzle pieces anxiously awaiting placement?

Will gardening take on new meaning, not only providing nourishment and exercise but a way to get out and feel the beauty of the soil beneath your feet. When you are standing barefoot in the soil, no rug can be pulled out from under your feet.

Baking has regained its popularity. Flour and yeast are hard to find. Will that stay with us? The children that are now home will have memories of baking with Mom and Dad. Something that few families had the time to do just six weeks ago. Music is filling the emptiness of our rooms. CD’s I haven’t listened to in years are being dusted off and rediscovered. Books I haven’t finished are waiting for me.

I fear that restaurants, theaters, sport venues, travel, cruises, and demonstrations will take a long time to get back to where they were pre- Covid 19. Businesses that have retreated and adopted to a work from home policy may discover that they function more efficiently that way and continue to allow the majority of their employees to work from home. Will the home office become a necessity? Desks and file cabinets may become popular again.

What about the children, what memories will they carry into their future? Will this experience make it easier for the next generation to work from home or at a socially acceptable distance? Will the stay at home children who watched Mom and Dad make new and exciting meals decide that cooking is as much fun as video games? Will they learn to be self-reliant and disciplined? Chalk and paint have become very effective communication tools as you can witness from the message stones found everywhere and sidewalks filled with colorful messages. Walks in the woods, and on the beach and hiking trails have become routine. Will new fashion trends come from this relationship with nature accented with colors and messages brought to life from memories of rocks and sidewalks?

So much to think about and so much time to think. It’s raining. Our business is closed. Our fears are outweighed by our belief not only will we get through this, we will, for a time, be a kinder, gentler, more caring society. We are definitely all in this together and we will all get out of this together… changed.

Health Crisis. How do we respond? A direct reflection of who we are.

Life for all of us is changing. Facts -2,100 cases of Coronavirus in the U.S. Today. No one is to blame. No need to point fingers. My mom always told me you point one finger at someone and you are pointing three fingers back to yourself. Try it.

It is shocking at how effective this little virus is at bringing us to our knees. (Us) being every human being on the planet. How do we respond? How do we respond if we are infected? How do we respond if our loved ones are infected? How do we respond if we are told our schools are closed , or our sporting events are postponed or cancelled? How do we respond if we have to social distance and our jobs are dependent on having large groups of people come to our events?

How we respond is a direct reflection on who we are and how we have lived our lives up to this point. Are we selfless? Then we offer help and assistance to the less fortunate. Are we caring? Then we reach out to the most vulnerable. Make sure they are safe and heathy. Pick up groceries and medicine so they can stay safe. Reach out on social media and offer assistance to those in need. Are we leaders? Do we take initiative and make the unpopular tough decisions. Or do we throw caution to the wind and continue to shake hands with everyone we meet. Do we complain and get mad and blame others for overreacting, ruining our lives, tanking our 401Ks? Do we act crazy because the grocery store has an empty toilet paper shelf?

Domani Estate Sales and Management Services will do what we can to help our clients, friends and neighbors. We are in the process of developing a plan for how to handle future estate and moving sales. We are hopeful that we can come together and help each other get through this challenge. Please stay safe and let us know if there is anything we can do to help you with downsizing, liquidating your treasures, cleaning out your clutter or giving you advice on the best way to proceed in this very challenging time.

Where have you been lately?

Clutter clean-out began with a phone call. Your dad needs to go to the doctors his foot is infected. When the call comes and you never know when it comes. You have to get into gear. The house needs to be cleaned out. The clutter needs to be disposed of. The artwork needs to be inventoried and appraised. The furniture needs to be assessed. Tools need to be sold, the antique radio needs a good cleaning. The Rolex watch needs to be wound. The refrigerator needs a new cord. All the inventory needs to be catalogued. This is the process we go through for our clients. It is a process and it is emotional for the family. What helps to get through the process is to have the Domani Team of professionals come in with an understanding of what is needed and how best to proceed. The objectives vary and the individual situation needs to be accommodated precisely with the terms and conditions communicated with compassion and understanding. Every estate sale, moving sale, downsizing sale and yard sale is unique. Domani Team works to make your sale a success for you and fun for the future owners of your treasures. See you soon at the next sale.

Tears Aside. Time to decide! Save, Salvage,Surrender or Sell? Captain Your Future With Firepower.

Easy for us to make suggestions and recommendations. We were not there when you rocked your twins to sleep in that oak rocking chair. We did not stop at your shop to get our tires changed or the car tuned, where we would have witnessed that shiny red Snap-On cabinet spilling all over your shop floor with your tools. We did not play our collection of Jazz CD’s on that Bose CD player or leave our books on the library stairs you imported from England. None of your treasures have emotional connections to our past or to the fine souls that will purchase them at our Estate Sales. Because we were not there, does not mean we can’t relate or that we don’t care. We do care. And it is our mission to try to place your treasures in the hands of those that will continue to treasure them and to those that will make their memories with your treasures and with their loved ones. We are only the bridge that can help you let go with ease because you know we will do our best to find a good home for the possessions that were there for you as you made your many memorable moments with your family and friends.

Blockchains, NFTs or do you need a sofa? Everyone is on a different page, same planet.

Too much info. Not enough contact. Missing social interaction? Come to an estate sale and find something you can bring home and treasure. Life is short, life is complicated, life is breath. Our goal when we have an estate sale is to provide a safe, easy, open shopping experience. We try to layout the inventory in an inviting and safe way. We aim to price every item. Or provide easy to read signage when we have bundled items. Because of covid we have had to modify our entry and exit points to keep you safe. We want nothing more than to help our clients divest of their unwanted inventory and to provide you with treasures at great value. Happy hunting. See you soon.

How to dispose of Adorable Sheep, Stickley, Bronze Whales, Ram’s Head.

Moving across the street has it’s challenges. Moving across the country has even greater challenges. Our tastes change as we age and enter new stages in our lives. Moving in the midst of a pandemic adds a level of uncertainty that we have never experienced before now.

The decision of what to keep and what to let go of is sometimes as simple as what will fit in the new home or as complicated of as the logistics of downsizing. Are you moving from a 7,000 square foot home to a rental before building or finding your grand colonial? Or are you changing your life style because of the Covid 19 Pandemic? How do you manage the distribution of your treasures during these challenging times is sometimes as easy as making a phone call to a company like Domani Estate Sales and Management Services.

The steps a company like Domani takes in helping you move forward begins with an onsite visit to your home. During the first visit you will be asked what is your timeline. Did you sell and do you have a must move by date, have you decided what you will keep, give away or donate? We will take a walk through your home and make suggestions on how to organize your must sell inventory.

Based on your location, timeline, inventory and level of comfort we will devise a plan for how to move forward. Are you comfortable with an on-site moving sale or are you more comfortable with us selling your inventory on Market Place. Would you be amenable to an on-line auction? Or are you interested in an on-premise auction. Moving forward is as much determined by what you possess as to what the tastes of the fickle market have decided they need in a very volatile changing environment.

Do you have Stickley Furniture? Always a market for well made original Stickley signed furniture. Or do you have 1920’s oversized Kittenger Dining Room Table? The market for most antique furniture is very sad and the future does not look bright. There is a glut of unwanted items and the current changing lifestyle choices for the young families has added up to a very difficult market. Do you have an office chair? Don’t sit down, it will sell before your bottom meets the seat. Outdoor anything, wrought iron, metal, wood, wicker, will bring buyers by the dozen. The market changes quickly and Domani Estate Sales has their finger on the pulse of a fickle, changing, challenging market place. Sit back and let us help you manage your move.

Rams heads, sheep and whale statues sell.

“Shah Mat” The King is dead. Emerald Chess Board

The king is dead. The history of chess goes back almost 1500 years. Starting in India and soon spread to Persia. As nations fought and conquered each other they spread destruction, death, and a love of chess.

The early pieces evolved from elephants to horses. The firzan (adviser) became the queen and the chariot became the castle. The two pieces that passed unchanged were the foot soldiers and the king. Some positions in war and peace remained unchanged. Around 600 the name became Chatrang and the Persian influence evolve Shah (king) Mat (finished) the king is dead. Checkmate.

Every estate sale, moving sale, downsizing sale has many treasures looking for new homes. It is so interesting to see the collection of chess games we have sold for our clients through out the years. This featured set now available as we prepare for the next Domani Moving Sale. It is very elegant with a light ethereal feeling. The mixture of wire and glass gives the game a feel of elegance. We look forward to finding a new home for this lovely set.