Domani Estate Sales and Management Services focuses on providing an easy, orderly pathway for anyone looking to downsize, manage the liquidation of an estate, move, or convert treasures to cash. Five easy steps.

  • Free consultation
  • Provide a detailed proposal/contract
  • Inventory possessions and discuss price points
  • Execute the process by managing the Estate Sale, in addition we simultaneously manage On-line Sales using Social Media Outlets, and when appropriate we will coordinate Direct Buyouts
  • Stage the inventory for easy viewing and efficiency in the purchase process
  • Provide a safe environment for safe easy pick-ups and delivery

Our Client’s Needs

Estates can be as small as a draw full of jewelry to as large as a multi-million dollar property. Each opportunity is uniquely different and the approach to the situation is as individualized as the person(s) needing our services. There is no cookie cutter response and we understand and are sensitive to each opportunity. Trust is paramount in this business. We are respectful and appreciative of each unique opportunity.