Essex Estate Sale or Off with their heads!

Whatever. Says it all. Whatever you like to read…boxes of books. Whatever you do with your outdoor living space…garden tools, teak swing, push mower and more. Whatever you do for crafts…singer sewing machine, needle point supplies, material, patterns more. Whatever you do for hobbies, art, paint, easel, books, Casio keyboard, albums, cds, speakers. Whatever you need for the home, heaters, freezer, washer and dryer. Don’t forget the whatever you need for decorating your home and hearth…art, furniture, wreaths, butterflies, lamps, sleigh bed, bookcases, supplies, scanners, desk and more. And if you want to keep gardening year round Aerogrow will be your answer. Whatever you do, don’t miss this Estate Sale. Join us 9 am to 3 pm. Oct 4th and 5th. at 2 Cedar Grove Terrace Ext, Essex, CT. #freezer #estatesale #heaters #flatscreen