Architectural Salvage, Two Views. How to Save our Environment.

Two properties will be demolished. What you can do to keep these great properties from going to the landfill. Grab a hammer, chisel and remove wonderful old world doors to make a coffee table, or take off the side of the shed and make a sauna for a warm escape this winter. There are beams waiting to be rescued and antique light fixtures to be rewired and brought up to code. Everything must go and you won’t be worried about scratching the floor. Need windows, we got plenty. Need a new door? Old door? Hardware? You will have plenty to choose from. Having trouble ordering a new dish washer, washer machine, dryer, stove? You have two homes to shop. Don’t worry about scratching the floor. All you leave will be left to dispose. The more you shop the less will land in waste. Besides you will have an opportunity to enjoy two priceless views that will leave you breathless.