How to dispose of Adorable Sheep, Stickley, Bronze Whales, Ram’s Head.

Moving across the street has it’s challenges. Moving across the country has even greater challenges. Our tastes change as we age and enter new stages in our lives. Moving in the midst of a pandemic adds a level of uncertainty that we have never experienced before now.

The decision of what to keep and what to let go of is sometimes as simple as what will fit in the new home or as complicated of as the logistics of downsizing. Are you moving from a 7,000 square foot home to a rental before building or finding your grand colonial? Or are you changing your life style because of the Covid 19 Pandemic? How do you manage the distribution of your treasures during these challenging times is sometimes as easy as making a phone call to a company like Domani Estate Sales and Management Services.

The steps a company like Domani takes in helping you move forward begins with an onsite visit to your home. During the first visit you will be asked what is your timeline. Did you sell and do you have a must move by date, have you decided what you will keep, give away or donate? We will take a walk through your home and make suggestions on how to organize your must sell inventory.

Based on your location, timeline, inventory and level of comfort we will devise a plan for how to move forward. Are you comfortable with an on-site moving sale or are you more comfortable with us selling your inventory on Market Place. Would you be amenable to an on-line auction? Or are you interested in an on-premise auction. Moving forward is as much determined by what you possess as to what the tastes of the fickle market have decided they need in a very volatile changing environment.

Do you have Stickley Furniture? Always a market for well made original Stickley signed furniture. Or do you have 1920’s oversized Kittenger Dining Room Table? The market for most antique furniture is very sad and the future does not look bright. There is a glut of unwanted items and the current changing lifestyle choices for the young families has added up to a very difficult market. Do you have an office chair? Don’t sit down, it will sell before your bottom meets the seat. Outdoor anything, wrought iron, metal, wood, wicker, will bring buyers by the dozen. The market changes quickly and Domani Estate Sales has their finger on the pulse of a fickle, changing, challenging market place. Sit back and let us help you manage your move.

Rams heads, sheep and whale statues sell.

What we collect.

I love collecting sunrises and signage. There are many similarities between both mediums. Beer signs, street signs, license plates, gas station signs, eggs stands, everything we buy, sell, trade or collect has been advertised on a sign, somewhere, at sometime. My favorite sign of all times is the iconic Citgo sign in Kenmore Square in Boston, MA.

Historically figural signs were used to advertise barbershops and drugstores, pawn shops and post offices. Collectors Weekly explains, ” in 17th and 18th -century Europe and early America, most of the population was illiterate, so shopkeepers often used figural signs outside their businesses to attract customers:Barbers used a pole painted with red, white and blue stripes in a corkscrew pattern, pharmacists used “show globes” filled with colored liquid, pawn shops displayed three golden balls and tobacco shops placed wooden statues of Native Americans outside their doors.”

Soon the square wood signs emerged. These were signs with the shape, size and material dictating simplistic graphics. “Fresh eggs”, “Gas”, “Motel” . They were mostly hand painted and very hard to keep up in the harsh weather.

The emergence of the billboard, murals, lettering on glass storefronts and tin signs began in earnest in the 1800’s. According to Frontsigns, “The first gas illuminated sign was made in 1840 in Chicago, Illinois for P.T. Barnum Museum. The sign was able to work 5 hours straight.” So began the age of illuminated signage eventually leading to the digital billboard.

Darryl Tilden, Vintage Advertising signs 1800’s//2000’s, writes,”…Lithography in the early 1800’s changed the advertising signs forever.”

Great graphics, logos, colorful backgrounds, neon brilliance, all began emerging in the 1900’s as industrial know how and art merged. Tin, porcelain, glass, vinyl, plastic, all began competing for the sign of choice for the advertiser. Good signage is key to delivering buyers to sellers.

Finding these fun, colorful messages in yard sales, estate sales and moving sales is similar to stumbling across and capturing an outstanding sunrise. It is always a delight and surprise when you stumble across a beauty.

Essex Estate Sale or Off with their heads!

Whatever. Says it all. Whatever you like to read…boxes of books. Whatever you do with your outdoor living space…garden tools, teak swing, push mower and more. Whatever you do for crafts…singer sewing machine, needle point supplies, material, patterns more. Whatever you do for hobbies, art, paint, easel, books, Casio keyboard, albums, cds, speakers. Whatever you need for the home, heaters, freezer, washer and dryer. Don’t forget the whatever you need for decorating your home and hearth…art, furniture, wreaths, butterflies, lamps, sleigh bed, bookcases, supplies, scanners, desk and more. And if you want to keep gardening year round Aerogrow will be your answer. Whatever you do, don’t miss this Estate Sale. Join us 9 am to 3 pm. Oct 4th and 5th. at 2 Cedar Grove Terrace Ext, Essex, CT. #freezer #estatesale #heaters #flatscreen

Estate Sales and Train Trips. What They Have in Common.

The Journey

As I wait to see who will arrive at the Hoop Pole Estate Sale on day four of the sale and the last day, I can’t help but think of this Estate sale as journey, similar to a train trip.  The house is the train, the journey is the sale, and the passengers are the attendees.   The trip as it unfolded.

Saturday the first day of the journey started out as a snowy mess.  The snow started as slush, turned to rain then settled in as snow.  The conductor decided it was too dangerous to leave the station.  Sale postponed until tomorrow. There were some fearless travelers who came despite the weather.  Disappointed, they turned back.  Sunday came with less weather and a steady flow of passengers.  Where is the piano?  You had pictures of tools. Do you still have the American Heritage pool table?  Where is the John Deer Tractor? Will you take $20 for this electric trimmer?  How much for the gaming machine? Is the house for sale?  Wow look at the indoor pool.  Is this the last day of the sale?  What kind of wood is the card table made of?  Do you have any 45’s?  I came from Fairfield, I was here yesterday.  Faces, canes, walkers, children with a stuffed santa dangling from their little hand. A collector bought cat’s meow for her husband’s birthday. Someone else bought St George Church Cat’s Meow to give to the church. Disney Storybook Ornament’s were bought for the grandchildren. Thirty-three responses from people wanting the generator. A couple bought a back pack to give to the homeless, a couple bought kitchenware for their daughter who was getting married, a dad bought some folding tables for his son however ended up giving it to his brother in hospice. As the day came to an end there was a lull and a couple came through with their daughter and they shared with us that they were new to the area and they liked the Baldwin Baby Grand. The beautiful finish, the lovely sound would work well in their music room.  As the day ends and everyone goes home with treasures, gifts, goodies and promises to come back.  Similar to a train trip when you return home you remember all the wonderful travelers you met and you are grateful for the station that gave you the platform to meet and greet so many wonderful people. On we go setting up for the next trip. Life is a journey. Estate Sales punctuate the journey.


Uncluttered, downsizing, clean out. Domani Estate Sales and Management

Why do we love walks on the beach. Hikes to the mountain top. Walks in wide open meadows with miles of sky framing our serenity. Because. We love it when our vistas are uncluttered. The open, organized, uncluttered experience relaxes our soul. We find peace and tranquility in open space.

If your living space is cluttered, with surfaces smothered in papers, books, toys, tools… the effect on you is stress. We can help. Downsizing, clean out, uncluttering.  We can help. You can create an environment that is less stressful,  similar to a fine walk on the beach. Domani Estate Sales and Management is not a yoga class yet after we help you clear out your clutter, you will have plenty of room to start practicing.