Inflation state of mind or mind your estate?

Estate Sales help you to fight inflation by cutting through the high cost of overpriced, hard to find, shipping bottlenecked inventory.

Estate Sales offer you the opportunity to purchase quality, cash and carry treasures that are pre-assembled and pre-loved.

If you buy local, you save on fuel, you keep currency local, you help the environment and you can brighten up your home. A new piece of artwork, a bright brass lamp, a port hole clock or a delightful demitasse set adds to your home’s ambience. Purchasing pre-owned is purchasing a treasure with history. The owner might have traveled to Italy and fell in love with the style, the workmanship, the unique grain of the olive wood and had a cabinet custom built and shipped home. For years the family might have gather together and this piece bore witness to all the festivities. The marble top held many a glass of wine and plates of cheese. How fortunate are we to be able to offer our shoppers special items that have a lot of life left and a lot of history to make in the new home.