Work around. The ripple in the pond. Splash Sale!

We have an ongoing moving sale. The contents inside this beautiful colonial house is filled with three plus floors of furniture, collectables, audio components, home office furniture, top of the line pool table, Wedgwood, Lenox, Waterford, runners, Sphynx Weavers rug, Bombay Company pedestal end table, area rugs and so much more.

To make our lives a little more exciting we have to keep updating the website Domani.Estate Upcoming Estate Sales with pictures of the inventory that gets added and removing the inventory that is sold.

The ripple in the pond.

Houses are opening up for the season on the shore and people need to furnish their summer homes and rentals. All the furniture stores are closed. Unless you want to shop on-line. Graduates are finishing their thesis at home and the home office/work space needs to be outfitted. A lot of parents are working from home, desks, chairs, office lamps are in high demand. Entertainment is also a must have in this time of self- isolation. Gloves, masks, six feet a must. Let the good health and healing thoughts ripple us through to the other side.