How to dispose of Adorable Sheep, Stickley, Bronze Whales, Ram’s Head.

Moving across the street has it’s challenges. Moving across the country has even greater challenges. Our tastes change as we age and enter new stages in our lives. Moving in the midst of a pandemic adds a level of uncertainty that we have never experienced before now.

The decision of what to keep and what to let go of is sometimes as simple as what will fit in the new home or as complicated of as the logistics of downsizing. Are you moving from a 7,000 square foot home to a rental before building or finding your grand colonial? Or are you changing your life style because of the Covid 19 Pandemic? How do you manage the distribution of your treasures during these challenging times is sometimes as easy as making a phone call to a company like Domani Estate Sales and Management Services.

The steps a company like Domani takes in helping you move forward begins with an onsite visit to your home. During the first visit you will be asked what is your timeline. Did you sell and do you have a must move by date, have you decided what you will keep, give away or donate? We will take a walk through your home and make suggestions on how to organize your must sell inventory.

Based on your location, timeline, inventory and level of comfort we will devise a plan for how to move forward. Are you comfortable with an on-site moving sale or are you more comfortable with us selling your inventory on Market Place. Would you be amenable to an on-line auction? Or are you interested in an on-premise auction. Moving forward is as much determined by what you possess as to what the tastes of the fickle market have decided they need in a very volatile changing environment.

Do you have Stickley Furniture? Always a market for well made original Stickley signed furniture. Or do you have 1920’s oversized Kittenger Dining Room Table? The market for most antique furniture is very sad and the future does not look bright. There is a glut of unwanted items and the current changing lifestyle choices for the young families has added up to a very difficult market. Do you have an office chair? Don’t sit down, it will sell before your bottom meets the seat. Outdoor anything, wrought iron, metal, wood, wicker, will bring buyers by the dozen. The market changes quickly and Domani Estate Sales has their finger on the pulse of a fickle, changing, challenging market place. Sit back and let us help you manage your move.

Rams heads, sheep and whale statues sell.

The Adventure Starts…

blogpicThe adventure starts… moving, downsizing, liquidating an estate, helping your loved one move into senior living, assisted care or letting go of your possessions to live a lighter, easier more organized life.  The adventure starts with a phone call to Domani Estate Sales and Management Services. Our job is to understand your journey to know where you are going, when the estate is probated helps us to understand what we need to do to help you get there.  We also want you to enjoy the journey with us.  We will help you get to where you need to go and we will strive to enrich your journey.  Our “why” is you. You make us better, brighter and enrich our lives when we understand what you need to do and work to make it happen for you.  When the move, the downsize, the estate goes to probate, the sale of possessions, the letting go of loved ones inventory happens… the sun sets.  It reflects and makes us look back and answer the questions,”how was the journey.”? Are you pleased with what we did for you?  Did we do it in your timeframe? Did we make this part of the journey easier for you?