“We started with a house full of “stuff/treasures” we had accumulated over 20 years with the end goal of achieving some serious downsizing for the next chapter of our lives.  Looking around our house we felt overwhelmed and knew that it was more than we could handle with everything else going on in our lives.  We saw a Domani Estate Sales sign in a nearby neighborhood that attracted our attention as a possible solution for our situation.  It was one of the best decisions we made.”  

“We met with Pam and Renee and they developed a plan to organize and sell all our “stuff/treasures”.  Everything was evaluated and priced to sell using their market knowledge and prior experience.  They planed the event and dates and took care of all the advertising.  Our sale went great, in fact, it went better than expected and after two days we had an empty house and cash in hand.  Pam and Renee went above and beyond our expectations and we would not have achieved the success we did without them.  They did a great job and we highly recommend them.”  

Barbara & Ron Fiume


“We put our home on the market in April 2019 thinking it would take several months to sell. However, it sold in 3 days and the buyer needed to get in quickly for personal reasons. We needed to scramble to remove our belongings that we were moving (about half) and sell off the rest (the other half). We had already hired Pam, but now we needed her to accelerate the process significantly. She started organizing, researching, sorting, pricing and otherwise preparing for the sale immediately. Many items were sold ahead (pre-sale) of the actual sales dates, which worked beautifully. Pam and Rene did a lot of pricing research which resulted in ‘fair and reasonable’ valuations and the vast majority of items sold over the course of a total of 4 weeks (for prep, pre-sale and sale). Given the time crunch we were placed under by the buyer, there’s absolutely no way we could’ve done a fraction of what they did. The lesson we learned is it does take time; when planning a sale of this kind allow the team enough time to do their job. Domani did a great job and we would definitely recommend them.”

Bob & Pam Lynn, Madison


“My wife and I used Domani  when selling our home in Madison Connecticut in the fall of 2018. From the get go Pam was friendly and easy to work with. We discussed how we would do an estate sale and quickly came to an agreement. Pam explained how she would organize and market it and we were very pleased with her plan. Pam’s partner, Renee, implemented the marketing plan with great success in a variety of media outlets. It was also great having the Domani Store (website) as an additional sales medium. Pam was very successful in selling a variety of both moderately and higher priced items. Her organizational and staging skills made for a very good experience from our point of view and no doubt helped give us the best values for our items.  My wife and I would have no hesitation in recommending Domani Estate Sales and Management Services.”

Richard and Lisa Lammers


“The results of my estate sale in Old Saybrook handled by Domani Estate Sales and Management Services were excellent. The pre-sale preparation was unobtrusive from the suggestions of these professionals to the follow up sale and cleanup. It was worth so much as I could never have handled the physical and emotional things that are part of the job by myself. Not only was the financial aspect gratifying but also knowing that I could trust the integrity of this company was reassuring.”

Carol Scheller-Bergin


“Working with Pam was a pleasure. She is very knowledgeable, responsive and resourceful. She went above and beyond for us.”

Marianne McCarthy


“Great people with a great eye. Highly recommend them”

Mark Potocsny